Recent Developments

In June 2016, Frank F. Daily, Esquire, obtained a defense verdict in a jury trial before the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County.  Mr. Daily argued that his client, the Defendant, had not been negligent and that the pedestrian Plaintiff had been contributorily negligent.  The jury found the Defendant not negligent.

Frank F. Daily, Esquire, was named  to the 2017 Top 100 Super Lawyers List by Maryland Super Lawyers.

In January 2016, Frank F. Daily, Esquire, obtained a defense verdict for our client, an insurer, after a three-day jury trial in the Circuit Court for Charles County.  The pedestrian plaintiff alleged he was struck by two vehicles, a phantom vehicle and the co-defendant’s vehicle.  He asserted, among other claims, a Breach of Contract – UIM claim against our client.  Mr. Daily successfully argued not only that there was no evidence of a phantom motorist, but that even if such evidence did exist, the Plaintiff would still not be entitled to UIM benefits because there was no evidence of negligence.  The court granted Mr. Daily’s Motion for Judgment as to the phantom motorist claim, and the jury subsequently returned a complete defense verdict.

In January 2016, Laura A. Simmons, Esquire, achieved a defense verdict for our client at trial in the District Court for Baltimore City.  Plaintiff claimed our client negligently failed to stop at a four-way stop sign and struck the passenger side of Plaintiff’s vehicle, causing injury and property damage.  Attorney Simmons successfully argued that Plaintiff had, in fact, failed to stop and caused the impact. 

In the Barr v. Rochkind, 225 Md.App. 336 (2015) lead paint matter, Lisa M. Morgan and Sean P. Edwards obtained a favorable ruling before the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.  The Court held that Plaintiff could not rely on circumstantial evidence of exposure to lead-based paint at the Defendant's property because she did not include any evidence excluding other reasonably probable sources of her lead exposure.  We successfully opposed Plaintiff's writ of certiorari, which was denied by the Maryland Court of Appeals.

Guido Porcarelli, Esquire, successfully defended a case in which Plaintiff alleged injuries sustained while working on a construction site.  Plaintiff sustained various personal injuries and damages, including a torn rotator cuff with surgical repairs, as well as extensive lost wages.  Accordingly, there was an alleged Worker’s Compensation lien of nearly $200,000.00.  The defense successfully vacated an Order of Default, transferred the matter to the Circuit Court for Kent County, and then obtained summary judgment.

Guido Porcarelli, Esquire, successfully defended a matter in which the Plaintiffs filed suit for asbestos and mesothelioma-related injuries, and the death of Plaintiffs’ decedent.  Plaintiffs presented co-worker testimony of alleged exposure to asbestos-containing products allegedly used by the Defendant.  The defense successfully obtained summary judgment in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City several days before trial of this matter.

Guido Porcarelli, Esquire, successfully defended a motorist who struck a pedestrian alleged to have been within the confines of a constructive crosswalk.  Plaintiff sustained serious personal injuries and incurred in excess of $128,000.00 in medical care and treatment.  A defense verdict on the issue of liability was delivered by an Anne Arundel County jury.